The World of Engineering and Technology Landscape: Will Engineers Rule The World?

Over the last decade, there has been a clear influx in the availability of engineering-related job types. Increased reliance on technology has turned our world into an engineer’s playhouse, and thus people everywhere repeat the mantra that engineers will someday “rule the world”. While this statement holds true in some regard, the topic is controversial, as some believe societal conditions will inhibit growth in certain engineering fields.  In this blog, we will assess the world of engineering and technology landscape, find the truths, and debunk the myths behind this belief. 

The Fine Line is Diminishing

Many of the world’s greatest innovations have been ascribed to engineers, as they are natural problem solvers and forward thinkers. Since the beginning, engineers have been determined to solve some of mankind’s most bewildering problems by using creativity and passion to develop new technologies. While there is no doubt they can make the world a better place, many speculate the world's reliance on technology will soon plateau, and thus the need for engineers will decline.

Additionally, there is now an area of overlap where there was once a fine line between engineers and those working in other professions. With its varying disciplines and levels of complexity, it has become difficult to discern between who exactly is considered an engineer and who isn’t. Furthermore, search engine technologies have bridged the information divide between these groups, as information availability has developed a new kind of engineer.

Employee Scarcity is a Problem

While the necessity for engineering jobs is currently growing, there are a number of caveats that must be taken into account when assessing the current state of affairs. Qualified engineers are few and far between, therefore making staffing difficult for large firms with large staffing requirements and for SMBs (small and medium-sized businesses) with limited resources. Employee scarcity is creating urgency for greater incentivization, to attract new talent and stimulate growth in these fields.

There are a few things companies can do to supplement the talent scarcity. Companies can utilize their resources, including workflow and document management systems along with various other software. These systems provide improvements to productivity and efficiency, enabling them to make the most of their current workforce. With automation, workers no longer have to spend time handling documents and performing manual tasks and can spend more time using their talents to help their companies achieve their objectives.

Consumers Rule the World

The maxim that engineers will one day rule the world provides a myopic outlook on the needs of our society as a whole. Although engineers have much to bring to the table, consumer trends dictate demand for new goods and services and many have already expressed their concerns regarding technological dependency. On the contrary, many engineering jobs are here to stay, such as those in utilities, manufacturing, and computer science, as new developments have facilitated the need for improved power infrastructure, production capacity, and state-of-the-art software.

Some could argue engineers don’t rule the world, but rather serve it, as there is still an omnipresent need for engineering design services, such as that seen in the construction industry. The construction industry contributes nearly 7 percent of the United States’ GDP, ensuring architects and structural engineers will almost always have a job.


While engineers won’t necessarily “rule the world,” there will always be a need for intelligent and creative minds to improve the lives of those around us. Engineers serve an important role in our society, and without them, you likely wouldn’t have even seen this blog post. With that being said, we welcome the use of technology to advance the modern world of engineering, as improvements in software and mechanics have already brought us so far.

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