National Manufacturing Day

eQuorum is proud to provide Manufacturing Document Management Software.

Let's celebrate National Manufacturing Day. Manufacturing Matters.

Our economy has grown in the last few decades primarily through increased productivity in the workplace. No more is this evident than in our Manufacturing sector. From robots, to automated engineering and manufacturing, to laser quality control, etc. Our processes and workflows have also seen improvement in velocity, accuracy, and timeliness. Now same day supply chain management is the norm versus the unusual. The area that has lagged is in the distribution and use of data or information. Because much of the analyses of information are done manually, especially on the shop floor or the construction site, we are still using paper reports. Today our technology permits us to gain this information faster than ever, with mobile devices including tablets, phones, and Google glasses. Yet we are still way behind in getting drawings, data, analysis, and more to the people on the shop floor or the construction site.

On this National Manufacturing Day, let’s commit to improving the Productivity of Information, and look at systems that get information to the people who do the work, faster, more accurately, more securely, and more timely.

Scott Brandt

President & CEO