Software for Engineers Built by Engineers

The great thing about being an engineer is the continuous quest for precision and accuracy, for the answer to an everyday life question or for a finite element analysis. eQuorum started as an engineering company 20 years ago, and to some extent we still are. At least half the staff are either engineers by background or have experience in related fields like architecture. You don’t often find this in a software company where there are mostly computer science degrees creating the products.

In our drive for flawlessness we are constantly adding features to our document management system. And because we are engineers we think we know what engineers want. So our latest release has some neat features we need to tell you about. (though because we are engineers we’re not going to shout it but instead be secretly boastful).

For our current version of ImageSite, we have redone our entire workflow functionality. For document-centric processes that need to be managed, monitored, and reported on this is now really easy and very clean, including full delegation privileges for approvers and supervisors. Whether it’s a complex engineering change order process or simple change request assignment process, it’s easy to start, monitor, and report on these workflows.

Speaking of reporting, all workflows, lifecycles, event monitors, and various other functions with notifications now report into our My Notifications panel on the Dashboard. So it’s easy to see all your notifications in one place, see which ones indicate a past due status or ones that have not yet been viewed. Because we all tend to have our fingers in all the pies, we put in a quick search capability to let you find notifications based on almost any entered criteria.

Another great feature is the ability to represent file names almost any way you want and then download them with those names (as opposed to the actual file name). This is a great way to ensure key information like version numbers, project names, dates, etc. are embedded in the actual file names you distribute. No longer do you need to manually enter or manage file versions for files returned by vendors, contractors, or customers.

If you’re either out at the job site or on the production floor and you have your tablet (or even phone) and see something (a thing, a place, a person, a building, a dog, you get the idea) and think, this would be great if I could take a picture or video of this and show it on the drawing or document I’m looking at. Now you can because we have added pictures, video and audio as markup elements in our markup product. You can even attach pictures that you didn’t take, as long as they’re on your device.

As engineers we appreciate accuracy and precision. That’s why eQuorum created software for engineers. We are proud of our engineering heritage and enjoy our conversations with engineers because we know the discussion is to the point and engineers truly understand value.

Scott Brandt