Version 11.4.08 Release Notes

With an up-to-date maintenance agreement, you can download the current version of most eQuorum products by logging into the Customer Area of the eQuorum website. If you don’t have a login, please request a password to gain access.

Major changes and enhancements:

Version 11.4.08 is a minor release.  The notes below include the major enhacements to many systems in version 11.4.00 as well as 11.4.08.

The following updates are available for both EDMS solutions:  ImageSite and Engine-Box.

New in 11.4.08: OAuth 2.0 support for Azure

All three ImageSite email systems (general email, Submittal email, Transmittal email) can be configured to use OAuth 2.0 in conjunction with an Azure Active Directory application. OAuth 2.0 provides better security than traditional SMTP/POP/IMAP email configurations.

Task Scheduler

A new Task Scheduler has been implemented. As of version 11.4, this scheduler can run the following types of tasks:

  • Reports – run any report once or periodically.
  • Project Archival (admin only) – output all of a project’s files and metadata to disk or Amazon S3 Bucket.

More task types will be added in the future.

3P Direct (Guest Project)

Users can now create guest projects for files and folders they wish to share with external, non-users. Such projects are temporary, and provide guest users with login credentials that limit them to the guest project. 3P Direct has limited functionality. Files in guest projects can be viewed, printed, and downloaded.

Support for SolidWorks 2022

EDMS solutions can now render SolidWorks 2022 files. This requires a copy of SolidWorks on the server.

Support for AutoCAD 2022

EDMS solutions and Plot Station now support AutoCAD 2022 files.

PDFs Used As Xref Attachment Support For DWG Files

PDFs used as DWG Xrefs will now be rendered and managed like other Xrefs.

Workflow Enhancements

  • Custom Workflow fields can now be associated with specific steps, adding more meta-data granularity.
  • Workflow notifications can now be customized using custom field value substitution.
  • Workflow configurations can now be disabled so they can no longer be used for new Workflows.
  • Workflows can now be shared with other users via a vector (URL/link).
  • Saved Sets can now be added to Workflows.
  • Current Sets contents can be added to Workflows.
  • New Workflows can now be created when a Markup is added to a file.

Transmittal Support for Saved Sets

Saved Sets can now be associated with Transmittals.

Custom Fields for Sets

Sets can now be associated with set-specific custom fields, and search capabilities have been added to search for sets based on standard and custom attribution.

DXF Support

DXF files can now be rendered and published as PDF files.

DGN Rendering Options

DGN rendering now supports rendering all active Views (like AutoCAD layouts).

MicroStation Pen Table Support

MicroStation-created pen tables are now supported.

Additional Event Logging

IP addresses are now captured for all logged Events.

Download And Checkout Activity Report Added

A new Events-based report shows all download and checkout activity for a given scope (global or project-specific).

ZIP Downloads Of Folders Enhanced

When downloading a folder, the folder structure can now be maintained instead of “blown up.”

More Control Over Dashboard Widgets That Display Recent Items

Users can now remove “Recent” entries from Dashboard widgets that display Recent items, as desired.

User Settings Can Now Be Reset

A user’s settings (dashboard recent/favorites, window layouts, etc.) can now be reinitialized by an admin.

IP Blocking Enhancement

Administrators can now “unblock” an IP address that has been blocked by the system.

Security Enhancements

Many new security enhancements or configuration parameters have been implemented.

Custom Data Types for Transmittals

Transmittals now support the following custom data types:

  • Radio buttons
  • Boolean fields
  • Checkboxes