The ImageSite user interface is extremely intuitive and straightforward. But we understand many users are familiar with and like their Windows Explorer interface. For these users, eQuorum provides ImageSite Explorer, a Windows integration application using Web 2.0 technologies.


ImageSite Explorer looks and feels like Windows Explorer and is similar in that it allows users to connect to a local "share server." However, documents are stored and managed on the ImageSite web server with controlled access, automatic versioning, and other document management features provided through ImageSite, including check-out, check-in, download and open local copy. ImageSite is bundled with ImageSite's Microsoft Office Integration solution. For more information on this bundled solution click here.

windows integration
ImageSite's Client software offers direct Windows access to documents on the secure ImageSite web server.
Direct desktop access to ImageSite server
Intuitive Windows interface
Drag-and-drop files for uploading
Sortable meta-data columns
File designators for checked-out by user, checked-out by another user, and flow local copies
Context menus provide applicable functions based on file and user permissions
Multiple user logins
Secure connections using HTTPS protocol
product lifecycle management


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